Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Professional Oven Cleaning

Think your oven is broke, but really it just needs a clean. We get many people ringing up saying they have been told to get an expert oven clean by an engineer. They tell us that they called them out thinking their oven was broke, being there only 10 minutes and telling you it just needs a good clean, but charging you a call out fee of £75!!When you could just call Oven Revive that offers oven cleans from as little as £35.00.

 If your oven is smoking and setting your fire alarm off its most likely to be the burnt on carbon that will be getting re heated by the oven and producing smoke. When your oven gets thick with burnt food and grease the oven can’t heat to its full potential as the heat can’t reflex off the metal plates.

 Why not call us first before you pay a call out fee for nothing!!


  1. So, while it's important to clean your grills and smokers, if you use a wire brush to clean your grates, be careful and make sure you wipe the grates down with paper towels to remove any left over metal fragments.

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