Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sheffield Oven Cleaning- Oven Cleaning Process

There is no secret to what we do, but we can assure you it is extremely labour intensive. Our cleaning technicians carry out a comprehensive 6 stage process when cleaning your oven.

Stage One

On our arrival we will inspect your appliances to check for any obvious problems. We will also provide you an estimate of the time needed to complete the work and confirm the total cost for the work.

 Stage Two

We will cover your floor and any work surfaces to protect them to avoid any mess happening in your home.

Stage Three

All removable parts will be taken out, such as shelves, trays, etc, and will be taken to the van where we use a dip tank to soak and remove all the fat and greases that are a nightmare to clean!

Stage Four

Inside the technician will clean out the shell of your oven, initially using a sharp blade to scrape out as much residue as possible. We then use an eco friendly product, to remove any remaining residue and grease, your oven is then buffed to a polished finish.

Stage Five

All parts in the dip tank are removed, rinsed with fresh water and dried ready for assembly. All parts that were removed are taken back inside and reassembled. The oven is now ready to be used immediately.

Stage Six

Our technician will then explain what they have done and provide you with a completed checklist and make sure you are 100% satisfied with the work they have done.


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